Help Plan Business Activities to Minimize a Client’s Tax Liability

S-Corp, C-Corp, PartnershiP, Trusts, Personal

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Areas of Tax

Long-Range estate planning for families
Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans
Investment Credit Maximization
Tax Sheltered Investment Analyses
Individual Retirement Accounts
Business Reorganizations
Acquisitions and Liquidations
Family Partnerships and Corporations

Representation before taxing authorities and Private Letter Rulings are a service that Atlanta’s Tax Firm provides for many clients.

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IRS Resolution

IRS Resolution Service available by an Enrolled Agent or CPA. Take care of prior issues with IRS due to late filing or failure to pay penalties. Amend and File, Tax Returns for prior years Have a letter in hand suitable for IRS standards by a CPA or Enrolled Agent

990 – Non Profit Tax Return

Have a CPA complete these complicated returns in a timely manner.
Document storage management provided by firm for headache removal
IRS responses to any issues or correspondence as necessary.

1040 – Individual Tax Return

We will file amended tax returns for individuals. We can order transcripts for
document storage and processing.
Prior year tax returns is a service we provide for all clients once we acquire
transcripts with Power of Attorney.
Navigation on IRS Website for miscellaneous items
Review of Solar Power credits for purchase of vehicle, panels or energy saving
Check status of IRS tax return for refund thru app.

1041 – Estates and Trusts Tax Returns

Legacy Planning for future generations, to make sure they are taken care. Do not
pay unnecessary tax by not having Legacy Planning
Trust Creation to have wealth handled. Just how you would want. Keep all
assets in a favorable trust and under your ownership.
Wealth Management – Maintain wealth with tax strategies through estate and
trust tax returns. Do not overpay on trust tax returns in the future.

1065 – Partnership Tax Return

Basis Tracking for new partners and equipment. Asset Management Analysis will
be performed.
Tax Strategies for Distribution Tax Rate. Tax on your tax rate for distributions on
the capital gains rate vs W2 income. (Tax Tip)
We help with Couples Real Estate – Schedule E compilations
Production of K-1 and Flow Thru Distributions/Credits available for all clients.

1120 – Corporation Tax Return

File Corporation Income Statement and Balance Sheet Ono tax return. M1, M2
and M3 adjustments will be processed and evaluated.
Do research on Employment and R&D tax credits (employee retention credit)
also all other tax credits like solar power investments
State Tax return may be necessary

1120-S – S-Corporation Tax Return

File Income Statement and Balance Sheet Tax strategies for 401(k) plans and Retirement. Including Solo 401(K) Payroll strategies for officer compensation, avoid paying extra tax. Analysis will be performed. Tax strategies for distributions will be used to save on the tax bill.