QuickBooks Online

Have an QuickBooks Advisor help get you started if necessary. You can invoice, track expenses, manage bills, and run payroll and manage cash flow. Get assistance with onboarding and QuickBooks Advisor guidance. Make sure all accounts are properly transferred over the QuickBooks. Made for all types of industries: Retail, Construction, NonProfit, Restaurant, Professional Services etc. Always know where you stand with Quickbooks. The proof is in the prosperity. Training in Payroll and Sales Tax reports thru QuickBooks.

Monthly Performance Reviews

Let us take control of your bank and credit reconciliations. As well as loans and all other items on the balance sheet. Sales Tax payments can be taken care of. Each state reports differently, for  instance GA Sales tax is due on the 20th of every month. State Tax Credits will be review during this process for tax savings and income shifting. Process Mapping will confirm that proper accounting standards are being upheld. Such as accrual reporting of income hitting the correct accounts with the general ledger.


  • Quickbooks ProAdvisors
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Creative Solutions – Fixed Assets

Quarterly Performance Reviews

Once the monthly books provide a clear picture a quarterly performance review and be performed. Cash management analysis will be performed to evaluate: Growth Analysis, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. Payroll we be reviewed to see if any adjustments can be made to qualify for employment credits. Income Shifting strategies will be applied to pay
less in tax. Officer Compensation will also be looked into. No reason to
pay yourself over $150,000 for anyone in an S-Corp or Partnership (tax tip) Traditional vs Roth IRA Analysis will be performed. Individuals can put$19,500 into 401(k) tax free. There is no need to do Roth IRA if in high income bracket (tax tip) Journal adjustments will be reviewed and research for any other credits your company may qualify for


Business Goal Tracking

Once the income statement and balance sheet are correct we track goals A Cash Flow analysis will be performed to make sure company is in good standing. Income Distributions over W2 salary advantages will be review with ownership. Maintain proper Asset Management for tax strategies in asset acquisitions and depreciation methods. Let you company thrive as you hit business goals along the way as we project your end of year income statement and balance sheet forecast. Create trust for Wealth Management


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